For several years now, Synerglass-Soft has been collaborating with the Union of Flat Glass Processors (UDTVP), which acts as the spokesperson for the professionals of the French industry.

This relationship is placed under the label of mutual aid, complementarity and interaction :

→ The UDTVP centralizes and disseminates key information related to glass products and the flat glass industry. The organization promotes jobs related to the glass processing trade and organizes business meetings that bring together all the professionals of the market.

→ Synerglass-Soft brings its expertise as a software provider for glass processing businesses and supports the projects of the organization's member companies. We are also present at the events organized by the UDTVP to strengthen the feeling of solidarity within the industry.

Together, we join our forces to assist the market players in the implementation of their projects and to contribute to the advancement of the sector. 

We are therefore proud to count the UDTVP among our partners and we look forward to pursuing this collaboration in the future!