Synerglass: software created by a glass processor for other glass companies

Sprimoglass, a family-owned glass processing company, originally used management software designed by IT professionals who often had no knowledge of the glass processing business and were thus unaware of its specific problems.

In 1994, the managers of Sprimoglass wanted to acquire the best tools to support their development. Determined to overcome the limitations of existing programs, the three Prégardien brothers created Synerglass-Soft. The main mission: to design and develop innovative software solutions and customized features for complete management of glass processing businesses.

Today, its glass workshop has become an ultramodern plant covering all normal glass processing operations. It ranks among the largest players in the Belgian glass industry and among the best organized and productive companies in the sector globally. It is also recognized for the efficiency of its organization, process control and rigorous management.

Synerglass: integrated management software for glass processing businesses

The powerful Synerglass integrated management software gives a company complete control of all processes and provides all employees with automated tools and useful information in real time to successfully carry out their mission.

With controlled processes that generate productivity, reliable and efficient organization, staff constantly available and focused on customer satisfaction, the company is fully prepared to take the best possible stance against any economic situations that may arise.

The numerous advantages of Synerglass

  • Essential experience in glass processing.
  • Quality of the integrated expert system
  • Power of the system
  • Intelligence, flexibility and efficiency of its workflows
  • Contemporary and ergonomic design of its screens
  • Astonishingly easy to use
  • Professionalism and reliability of the Prégardien group
  • Company at the forefront of IT technology