Synerglass: software created by a glass processor for other glass companies

Synerglass-Soft was created in December 1994. The company was founded by a flat glass processor because the existing softwares on the market did not meet the specific needs of his company. Once the software finalized, Synerglass-Soft became international and is now in 7 countries of Europe and North Africa and continues to develop internationally.  

Synerglass-Soft offers two ERP:

  • The Synerglass software for the full management of the flat glass processing companies
  • The ADVGlass adapted to the mirror factories and smaller flat glass processing companies, that can evolve to a more complete Synerglass to follow the growth of the company.

The main mission: to design and develop innovative software solutions and customized features for complete management of glass processing businesses.

But it is not its only asset…

Today, the Synerglass software is installed in more than 50 plants. It is tested beforehand in some pilot plants before the installation of the release at other customers. Thanks to this, our customers benefit from a quality software that meets the business current needs. The pilot plants are nowadays part of the local market leaders.

The software is constantly evolving to meet the ever-growing needs of the flat glass processors. It is adaptable to the specific needs of each customer, which distinguishes him from its competitors.

The Synerglass-Soft dynamic team is ready to take up the challenges of the industry 4.0. and to guide you towards success.

If you want to write the future with us, please contact us!

The numerous advantages of Synerglass

  • Essential experience in glass processing.
  • Quality of the integrated expert system
  • Power of the system
  • Intelligence, flexibility and efficiency of its workflows
  • Contemporary and ergonomic design of its screens
  • Astonishingly easy to use
  • Professionalism and reliability 
  • Company at the forefront of IT technology