Synerglass-Soft, for cutting-edge technology solutions

As a provider of software solutions, Synerglass must always be at the forefront of new technologies. That is why our development tools are up-to-date and selected in line with the latest trends.

We always design our solutions based on extensive analysis structured as follows: first of all what is essential for you, then what you believe to be important and then what can be considered supplementary.

A software program and a single database

Our software is designed holistically. This is naturally preferable to a series of parts that are connected to each other but find it difficult to interact.

Few application development languages are used and they are always recent and suited to the context, which ensures durability and full compatibility with the latest Windows-based programs.

Our database is fully standardized and readable.

This ensures that our customers can easily find specialists who can make use of the data if the need arises, since all the operations of your company can be found in the database.

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