Synerglass: the market standard for glass processors

Operating in Western Europe and North Africa, Synerglass-Soft is the leader in the French market for independent processors. We provide our services to around fifty customers of all sizes in all fields of the glass processing sector.

In terms of organizational solutions for glass processing businesses, Synerglass is the market standard for the following reasons:

  • deep roots in glass processing and essential experience of the industry that is being constantly updated
  • skills that put it at the forefront of computer technology
  • a simplified and open IT architecture
  • a high-quality integrated expert system that skilfully guides operators in daily tasks
  • intelligently designed, flexible and efficient workflows
  • screens with an ergonomic and contemporary design
  • quick to learn and astonishingly easy to use
  • the professionalism, integrity and reliability of the Prégardien group.

An optimized organization: why not try it out?

The use of software developed by Synerglass-Soft is a highly profitable investment with a return reflected in:

  • considerably improved customer service
  • a high degree of user satisfaction
  • an increase in your company’s overall productivity
  • an increase in its profits.

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