A multidisciplinary and experienced team

The Synerglass-Soft team consists of around twenty people. It is young, dynamic and multicultural. We have a specialist for each design level.

Our aim is to move away from the image of the computer professional enclosed in a bubble and limited to a particular way of thinking. We want to have a realistic vision of the business.
Have you ever been angry or irritated at the absurdities or inconsistencies of your software?

Our goal is to help our IT specialists to expand their vision, to become discerning communicators capable of listening to you, since it is you who are the industry professionals and the users of our software!

Our multidisciplinary team is specialized in:

  • information technology
  • company organization
  • glass processing.

We believe that each team member must be able to thrive and develop within their specialist field. We let them participate in every design stage and train in the latest technologies based on the most recent market trends in information technology.