The quality of your work depends on the accuracy of your order input tool - for us, this is the heart of the system.

With the Synerglass order input module, your order managers can enter all types of glass products, including complex products, and advise their customers.

Customers receive a confirmation containing detailed information on the products ordered.

Some features that can be added to the order input module:

  • Recognition of customer preferences
  • Site address management
  • Preparation of purchase orders
  • PDF plans linked to the order
  • Simple and intuitive input, taking into account your manufacturing limitations
  • Control of remaining customer credit on input

Advantages for your organization

  • The module will guide you and help you make the right decisions
  • Recognition of technical limitations of glass products in accordance with the current standards
  • Possibility of sending batched confirmations by e-mail and fax
  • Transform your quotations directly into orders with just a few clicks
  • Margin calculation: sale price/purchase price

More effective thanks to Synerglass options