Manage your rack fleet in an ideal way with the SynerTracker app

At Synerglass-Soft, we dedicated our expertise on the management of an essential equipment: the rack.

The rack management often poses concrete problems:

  • Visibility
  • Real-time location
  • Availability...

These problems lead to additional costs, such as buying back equipment or stopping production.

Our solution

Locate your racks and manage your stock in a simple and transparent way with SynerTracker.

Thanks to a geopositionning system integrated to your racks, you will be able to:

  • Locate and view your racks on a map;
  • Be informed of the availability of your racks on site or during delivery;
  • Know the duration of immobilization of the racks at your customer or supplier;
  • Optimize your racks recovery rounds.

The advantages of SynerTracker

  • Decrease in equipment buyback;
  • Decrease in additional production costs;
  • Time saved on the management of the racks.

SynerTracker compatibility and use:

The solution is stand-alone and integrates with existing environments. It can complement a localization environment by GPS beacon for example.

The SynerTracker app download is quick and does not cause any production downtime.

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