Are your customers demanding? So is our palletization module!

The palletization module is fully integrated into Synerglass software and enables you to meet customer requirements in sorting and grouping glass on delivery racks.

Some useful features

  • Compliance with the constraints associated with each type of rack
  • 100% configurable packing methods to meet customer requirements
  • Monitor your rack stock in accordance with customer requests
  • Balance the load of your production lines by moving full racks
  • Screen showing the operator the position of glass on the delivery racks

Advantages for your organization

  • Compliance with customer requirements
  • Printing of rack plans for loading and for the customer
  • As the number of racks to be delivered is known in advance, it is easier to prepare your delivery rounds
  • Packaging and maintenance constraints are taken into account
  • Compliance with weight and balance limits for the transport