Free your employees from the telephone, SynerBO will inform your customers for you!

On your website, add a link to the SynerBO online service and your customers will find direct answers to their questions:

  • Has my order been registered?
  • On what delivery rack can it be found?
  • When will I receive delivery?

Some useful functionalities

  • Searching for orders
  • Detailed information about each piece of glass
  • Completely secure access with each customer having their own access code
  • Accessible using any browser 

Advantages for your organization

  • Significant time savings for your employees
  • Loyal customers thanks to: 
    • clear and instantaneous information on the status of their orders
    • the opportunity of monitoring their orders outside your office hours
    • searches based on their references, a composition,  the measurements of their glass, a rack number ...
    • confirmation of delivery times and clear information on any delivery reports